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David Reid [userpic]

HMD: How's My Driving?

November 17th, 2012 (12:29 pm)

Concrit post. How's my Magog? Any suggestions to improve his character? All suggestions, comments, or general observations go here.

For one-on-one crit, I can reached on AIM at docmilbury.

David Reid [userpic]

MTG Personality Meme

February 7th, 2011 (01:08 am)

Magog is Red/White

David Reid [userpic]

character tropes - magog

October 25th, 2010 (03:22 pm)

Tropes: 25

THE ATONER: Earth-22 Magog becomes this after the destruction of Kansas.
BFG: He likes these. A special shout-out goes to that nasty chaingun he used in Kingdom Come Special: Magog.
CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME: Beheading Gog at the climax of Thy Kingdom Come and preventing his return to power in the more recent JSA Special #01.
EMPATHIC WEAPON: The lance he carries as his weapon of choice.
FRICKIN LASER BEAMS: Magog's primary method of attack, analogous to Superman's heat vision.
GOOD IS OLD FASHIONED: He says as much to Superman in Kingdom Come, and current flavor feels the same way, judging by his thoughts on Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.
HONOR BEFORE REASON: Tends to shoot first and ask questions later, leading to quite a few unnecessary fights
KICK THE SON OF A BITCH: Boy, he loves this one. Special shout-out goes to his definitive kicking of the Joker in Kingdom Come.
LASER-GUIDED KARMA: Delivers it to Gog literally.
LEGACY CHARACTER: His great-grandfather is FDR, former President and founder of the JLA.
MARKED CHANGE: The Eye of Providence was etched into his upper forearm when he gained his powers.
MILITARY BRAT: Can trace his family’s military service back at least three generations.
NAMES TO RUN AWAY FROM REALLY FAST: Played straight and subverted with code and real name respectively.
NINETIES ANTI-HERO: The original Magog was created as a scathing take on these.
NOT SO DIFFERENT: He and Superman are both Midwestern farm boys, and that's only the beginning.
RED RIGHT HAND: Magog's right arm is made of gleaming metal.
WHAT THE HELL, HERO?: Booster Gold gave him one of these in Brave & the Bold #23, after he rips off a terrorist's arm.
WHEN ALL YOU HAVE IS A HAMMER: Magog isn’t exactly equipped for subtlety.

David Reid [userpic]

Adventures In The Bizarre

Bizarro hasn't been on the tail of end of such a nasty beating in a long time.

Then again, the supervillain never really saw it coming. For reasons known only to Bizarro himself, he decided to raid a local McDonalds, making off with not just a giant satchel of breakfast burritos but also a life-size statue of Grimace. He got ten feet into the air when a plasma blast knocked him to the ground, the Grimace statue shattering and his precious breakfast burritos quickly dragged away by an enterprising hobo. At that point, Bizarro had other problems to worry about.

"Me love you, horny gold guy!" Bizarro roars, charging down at Magog again. In response, Magog only plants himself firmly and waits for Bizarro to reach melee distance. After enough blasts, the big brute learned to dodge them, at least when he has time to.

By now, Magog's figured out something's up. He thought it was Superman when he blasted him from behind, but now he's not so sure. Superman was much stronger than this guy, and suffered no speech impediments. The chalk-white skin is also a giveaway. But whoever he is, he's dressed in Superman's livery, and victimizing people the way Superman did. Reid won't hesitate to put him down.

"Feeling's not mutual..." Magog growls, catching Bizarro right in his chalk-white jaw and bodily hurling him to the ground. Bizarro's eyes flash as he uses his ice vision, but Magog simply twists his head to the side, grabbing Bizarro's face and slamming it into the dirt roughly. Straddling the villain, he slams his face again and again. Bizarro struggles to rise from under him but can't throw off Magog's considerable weight. He has Bizarro pinned.

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