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Adventures In The Bizarre

Bizarro hasn't been on the tail of end of such a nasty beating in a long time.

Then again, the supervillain never really saw it coming. For reasons known only to Bizarro himself, he decided to raid a local McDonalds, making off with not just a giant satchel of breakfast burritos but also a life-size statue of Grimace. He got ten feet into the air when a plasma blast knocked him to the ground, the Grimace statue shattering and his precious breakfast burritos quickly dragged away by an enterprising hobo. At that point, Bizarro had other problems to worry about.

"Me love you, horny gold guy!" Bizarro roars, charging down at Magog again. In response, Magog only plants himself firmly and waits for Bizarro to reach melee distance. After enough blasts, the big brute learned to dodge them, at least when he has time to.

By now, Magog's figured out something's up. He thought it was Superman when he blasted him from behind, but now he's not so sure. Superman was much stronger than this guy, and suffered no speech impediments. The chalk-white skin is also a giveaway. But whoever he is, he's dressed in Superman's livery, and victimizing people the way Superman did. Reid won't hesitate to put him down.

"Feeling's not mutual..." Magog growls, catching Bizarro right in his chalk-white jaw and bodily hurling him to the ground. Bizarro's eyes flash as he uses his ice vision, but Magog simply twists his head to the side, grabbing Bizarro's face and slamming it into the dirt roughly. Straddling the villain, he slams his face again and again. Bizarro struggles to rise from under him but can't throw off Magog's considerable weight. He has Bizarro pinned.


Posted by: Tora (toraolafsdotter)
Posted at: May 4th, 2009 10:01 pm (UTC)

Blue eyes suddenly flash to silver, and Tora flings out her hand, releasing a thick spike of ice that hits Bizarro square in the stomach, driving him backwards and into the side of a minivan. Steel crumples and the windows shatter into showers of sparkling glass.

She turns to face Magog, and with a muttered word and a flick of fingers the ice flows away from him and slides along the ground back to Bizarro, encasing him in the same manner.

Posted by: David Reid (newtomorrowman)
Posted at: May 4th, 2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
What I Have Wrought

It took a second, maybe two at the most. Alertness returns to Magog's eyes as the ice recedes, and he whirls, ready to return Bizarro's attack in kind...

Only to see that the chalk-white villain is on ice, literally. He looks back at Tora, who looks none too good - pale (well, paler), and winded. He starts to ask if she's all right, when he hears the all-too-familiar sound of ice shattering. Magog whirls, pulling his lance up again. He's just about had it with this guy.

But then, to his total astonishment, Bizarro turns tail and runs. He doesn't even look back or offer a parting shot - just turns tail and flies away, his cape between his legs.

"Damn." he mutters. The false Superman was a tough foe, and his escape only means that he'll have to face him again one day.

He turns back to Tora. "Are you okay?"

Posted by: Tora (toraolafsdotter)
Posted at: May 4th, 2009 10:34 pm (UTC)

She can only look at him, blinking those shining silver eyes slowly, swaying on her feet.

"Bróðir?" There is a strange tonal resonance behind the word.

"I..." What little color left in her skin drains away and with a sigh she falls, eyes closed like she has fallen asleep.

Posted by: David Reid (newtomorrowman)
Posted at: May 4th, 2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
A Step Too Late

The woman gets out one word, then crumples, and Magog quickly catches her. She's so light in his arms...

He's interrupted by his reverie by the sound of cheering, and turns, utterly shocked to see a small crowd has gathered, clapping and showering the pair with words of encouragement. He's utterly on the spot, and the deer-in-the-headlights look is priceless.

Rather than face the crowd, he takes off further into the park, quickly losing the few fans who decide to try to catch up to him.

The last thing he or his unexpected companion needs right now is an entourage.

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