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David Reid [userpic]

character tropes - magog

October 25th, 2010 (03:22 pm)

Tropes: 25

THE ATONER: Earth-22 Magog becomes this after the destruction of Kansas.
BFG: He likes these. A special shout-out goes to that nasty chaingun he used in Kingdom Come Special: Magog.
CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME: Beheading Gog at the climax of Thy Kingdom Come and preventing his return to power in the more recent JSA Special #01.
EMPATHIC WEAPON: The lance he carries as his weapon of choice.
FRICKIN LASER BEAMS: Magog's primary method of attack, analogous to Superman's heat vision.
GOOD IS OLD FASHIONED: He says as much to Superman in Kingdom Come, and current flavor feels the same way, judging by his thoughts on Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.
HONOR BEFORE REASON: Tends to shoot first and ask questions later, leading to quite a few unnecessary fights
KICK THE SON OF A BITCH: Boy, he loves this one. Special shout-out goes to his definitive kicking of the Joker in Kingdom Come.
LASER-GUIDED KARMA: Delivers it to Gog literally.
LEGACY CHARACTER: His great-grandfather is FDR, former President and founder of the JLA.
MARKED CHANGE: The Eye of Providence was etched into his upper forearm when he gained his powers.
MILITARY BRAT: Can trace his family’s military service back at least three generations.
NAMES TO RUN AWAY FROM REALLY FAST: Played straight and subverted with code and real name respectively.
NINETIES ANTI-HERO: The original Magog was created as a scathing take on these.
NOT SO DIFFERENT: He and Superman are both Midwestern farm boys, and that's only the beginning.
RED RIGHT HAND: Magog's right arm is made of gleaming metal.
WHAT THE HELL, HERO?: Booster Gold gave him one of these in Brave & the Bold #23, after he rips off a terrorist's arm.
WHEN ALL YOU HAVE IS A HAMMER: Magog isn’t exactly equipped for subtlety.